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Spiky Hard Massage Ball

Spiky Hard Massage Ball

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Enjoy intense massage therapy

The Spiky Hard Massage Ball is designed to provide targeted and intense massage therapy. Its spiky exterior and firm texture allow for deep muscle stimulation and increased blood flow, promoting muscle recovery and tension release. Perfect for athletes and those seeking relief from muscle soreness.

Benefits of the Spiky Hard Massage Ball

  • Great for trigger point therapy. 
  • Can massage the palms, feet, ankles, arms, back, shoulder, waist etc.
  • Useful for Yoga, Pilates and Physiotherapy.
  • Improve blood circulation in sore and aching muscles.
  • Promote muscle recovery and release through deep tissue massage.

Portable and firm: Made from rubber and only 9cm (3.5 inches) in diameter weighing 40g that can be used at home, the office, the  gym and anywhere.

Professional-grade: the spiky massager features a unique design with multiple spikes which provide deep tissue stimulation, aiding relaxation and reducing pain. A must-have for any fitness or recovery routine.

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